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Freemat Tutorial_Plot_Basics

Updated Sep 18, 2010 by garystar1

Amplify’d from code.google.com

NOTE: In the current build of Freemat 4.0, the x-axis label gets cut off at the bottom. This will be fixed at some point. Until then, here is a work-around.

To adjust the plot such that all of the x-axis label text is visible, use the following command:

set(gca,'position',[0.12 0.15 0.78 0.75]);

NOTE: Adding a title to a plot may create the following message from Freemat: "Warning: Newly defined variable nargin shadows a function of the same name. Use clear nargin to recover access to the function." This is a bug and will be fixed in a future release of Freemat.

 Read more at code.google.com



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