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How to install the Ubuntu netbook remix launcher in Ubuntu 10.04

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                     Ubuntu netbook remix is a new and light version of the ubuntu linux with appearance customized for the netbooks to compete with the moblin. For gods sake it's also applicable in desktops and laptops too. This post is about my experiments with the ubuntu netbook remix. 
                     I turned back to my ubuntu 10.04 and began working with it for a while. After a day when looking over something in synaptic package manager the slow responding netbook launcher came to my mind again. I just search for the word netbook in the synaptic. There i found a lot of netbook related application suitable for ubuntu. Of the list i just selected netbook-launcher and started installing it. Everything gone right and loaded the launcher. Once again the launcher started lagging and hanging similar to the situation that i have faced while installed the Ubuntu netbook remix edition. Bad luck again, no way to continue due to this lagging. So i decided to stop my craze towards the netbook appearence by removing the just installed package. After completing the removal i look over the other netbook related packages in the synaptic once again. There i found a package with description 'a lite version of netbook launcher written in EFL' and found it already installed. Taken the terminal and typed in the command, it was there and loaded. To the great extend of amazing the lite version of the netbook launcher was responding very quickly and i felt the change when i hover the cursor over the launcher. The EFL launcher is nice and running in my laptop without any conflict with the compiz window manager. Those are the screen shots...
Take the synaptic package manager
System => administration => Synaptic Package manager
search for the package netbook-launcher-efl . Click on it and select the mark for installation. Click on the apply button to start downloading the package and installing it.
After installing, take the gnome-terminal and type in as follows
$ netbook-launcher-efl
Then the netbook launcher application will start in the next moment.
You can add this netbook launcher to load automatically everytime you boot. Take the startup application from System => Preferences => Startup Applications

Click on the add button and type in the textbox corresponding to the command as 

Thats all... enjoy the Netbook remix in your box...Read more at 1024bitez.blogspot.com


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