Jumat, 11 April 2008

Bicara jujur malah diancam, "sami mawon"

Di mana-mana sama saja. jadi orang jujur apalagi jadi orang yang relatif benar itu susah.
Bobby Boutris, a whistleblower from the Federal Aviation Administration, testified to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee today that he received a death threat after airing his concerns to supervisors about safety lapses at Southwest and a too cozy relationship between an FAA supervisor and the airline that allowed Southwest to fly damaged planes.

A second whistleblower, Douglas Peters, choked up and had to compose himself while describing how he also received a veiled threat from an FAA superior when he raised concerns about unethical actions between an FAA investigator and Southwest.

Lengkapnya: FAA Investigator Received Death Threat for Blowing Whistle on FAA and Southwest's Safety Failures

Ah jadi ingat "Inu Kencana".

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