Jumat, 25 April 2008

Fastest Hard Drive Ever

Posted by David Murphy at MaximumPC
Western Digital engineers must have been watching Honey I Shrunk The Kids when they were brainstorming for new storage ideas. The Velociraptor achieves its new footholds of speed and storage as a result of its reduced, 2.5-inch size. You're undoubtedly thinking about the ramifications of this, given that every modern desktop system under the sun fits 3.5-inch drives. Well, Western Digital's one step ahead of the form factor. It's strapped each Velociraptor drive to a mounting mechanism that conveniently doubles as a giant heatsink for the drive itself. Dubbed the "Icepak," the all-black base allows helps ensure that the drive run at temperature and noise levels comparable to the Raptor X. ...

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