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Linux Force DHCP client (dhclient) to renew ip address

Kadang kita merasa perlu untuk memberbaharui atau mengganti IP (alamat perangkat), jika kita menggunakan pengaturan dinamis. Berikut adalah cara yang dapat dilakukan:

by Vivek Gite on November 15, 2007

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Linux renew ip command

The -r flag explicitly releases the current lease, and once the lease has been released, the client exits. For example, open terminal and type the command:

$ sudo dhclient -r

Now obtain fresh IP:

$ sudo dhclient

There is no need to restart network service. Above command should work with any Linux distro such as RHEL, Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu and others. On a related note you can also try out the following commands:

# ifdown eth0

# ifup eth0

# /etc/init.d/network restart


# /etc/init.d/networking restart



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