Rabu, 11 Mei 2011

Android@Home Lets You Control Your Lights & Appliances Wirelessly

from: Mashable!

Google has just unveiled the Android@Home framework, a set of protocols for controlling light switches, alarm clocks and other home appliances through any Android device.
The search giant's ambitious plan intends to turn the home into one connected device. During a demo Tuesday at Google I/O in San Francisco, the company showed off the capability to control lights via an Android tablet. Android@Home essentially makes it possible to control wireless or connected devices.

Google also showed off a new type of Android device: a home theater system called "Project Tungsten." Google rigged several speakers to the Android OS and, using an Android tablet, controls the speaker system. Google also demonstrated how the system can start playing music just by swiping a near-field communication-enabled CD case in front of the "Project Tungsten" setup.

Don't expect to be controlling your home light switches with Android@Home next week, though. Google has partnered with companies such as LightingScience to bring compatible appliances and devices to the market, but they won't debut until the end of the year.

Google unveiled the framework now so that developers can get a head start on building apps on top of the new protocols.

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