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Do not frown :-)

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Adagio. Andante. Allegro moderato.


$450. The following story is true. There was a little boy, and his father said, "Do try to be like other people. Don't frown." And he tried and tried, but could not. So his father beat him with a strap; and then he was eaten up by lions.


Reader, if young, take warning by his sad life and death. For thought it may be an honor to be different from other people, if Carlyle's dictum about the 30 millions be still true, yet other people do not like it. So, if you are different, you had better hide it, and prentend to be solemn and wooden-headed. Until you make your fortune. For most wooden-headed people worship money; and, really, I do not see what else they can do. In particular if you are going to write a book, remember the wooden-headed. So be rigorous; that will cover a multitude of sins. And do not frown.


There is a time for all things : for shouting, for gentle speaking, for silence ; for the washing of pots and the writing of books. Let now the pots go black, and set to work. It is hard to make a beginning, but it must be done.


-- Oliver Heaviside,

Electromagnetic Theory, Vol 3 (1912), Ch. 9 'Waves from moving sources - Adagio, Andante, Allegro moderato.'


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